Sonitus MR8XTN Mid Range Horn with high efficiency neodymium 8 inch driver

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High efficiency, high output mid frequency transducer for horn and multi-way speakers.


Main features:

  • High efficiency (99dB 1W/1m) custom 8" transducer optimised for horn loading
  • Increased sensitivity (to approx 104-105dB 1W/1m) from horn loading
  • Phase plug for extended High frequency response
  • 300Hz - 3Khz operating range
  • Controlled dispersion for large format systems
  • Net weight: 5.3kg


  • Power rating 300W program 150W AES
  • Aluminium cast frame
  • Edgewound copper clad aluminum voice coil
  • Dimensions HxWxD: 286 x 335 x 340mm
  • Baffle cutout HxW: 247 x 285mm

Versandgewicht: 5,50 kg

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