RCF LF18N405

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1500W rms
4,0" neo voice coil
97,5 dB sensitivity

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The LF18N405 is an extended low frequency with high power handling , designed to provide powerful and accurate bass frequencies with low distortion, low power compression and very high SPL. The LF18N405 uses a fibre loaded cone assembly along a large triple roll surround, this combination provides remarkable strength and control. The single spider system is specifically designed with a heavy cloth which ensures excellent control during large excursions. A fully optimised T-pole design generates the minimum amount of flux modulation. The Dual-forced air venting magnetic structure system provides a very efficient voice coil ventilation to minimize the power compression.


    4,0 - inch Inside/Outside copper voice coil
    3000 Watt continuous program power handling
    97,5 dB Sensitivity
    25Hz - 1kHz Frequency range
    Hypervented magnetic structure for minimum power compression
    Triple roll surround and exponential cone geometry

General Specifications

    Nominal Diameter: 460/18 mm/inch
    Rated Impedance: 8 Ohm
    Program Power: 3000 W AES
    Power handling capacity: 1500 W AES
    Sensitivity: 97 dB
    Frequency Range: 25 Hz ÷ 1000 Hz
    Effective Piston Diameter: 395/15.6 mm/inch
    Max Excursion Before Damage (peak to peak): 58/2.28 mm/inch
    Minimum Impedance: 6.0 Ohm
    Voice Coil Diameter: 100/4.0 mm/inch
    Voice Coil Material: Copper
    Voice Coil Winding Depth: 36/1.41 mm/inch
    Number of layers: 2
    Kind of layer: inside/ouside
    Top Plate Thickness: 15/0.6 mm/inch
    Cone Material: No pressed pulp
    Cone Design: Curved
    Surround Material: Polycotton
    Surround Design: Triple roll

Thiele/Small Parameters

    Resonance frequency: 30 Hz
    DC resistance: 4.9Ohm
    Mechanical factor: 7.0
    Electrical factor: 0.34
    Total factor: 0.32
    BL Factor: 26.5 T · m
    Effective Moving Mass: 261 g
    Equivalent Cas air load: 227 liters
    Effettive piston area: 0.122 m²
    Max. linear excursion (mathematical): 14.2 mm
    Voice - coil inductance @ 1kHz: 1.7 mH
    Half-space efficiency: 1.70%

Mounting information

    Overall Diameter: 465/18.3 mm/inch
    Bolt Circle Diameter: 442-447/17.4-17.6 mm/inch
    Bolt Hole Diameter: 6.5/0.25 mm/inch
    Front Mount Baffle Cut-out: 424/16.7 mm/inch
    Rear Mount Baffle Cut-out: 425/16.7 mm/inch
    Depth: 190/7.48 mm/inch
    Volume occupied by the driver: 5.5/0.19 liters/ft³
    Net Weight: 8.8/19 kg/lbs

Shipping information

    Shipping weight: 10/22 kg/lbs

Datenblatt / Datasheet

Anwendung: Subwoofer
Größe: 18 Zoll
Impedanz: 8 Ohm
Magnet: Ferrit
Versandgewicht: 9,61 kg

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