P-Audio E15LF

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15" Ferrit Tieftöner 8Ohm
800W AES power handling 
100 mm (4 in) voice coil
96dB sensitivity

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P-Audio E-15LF 800W 15 Inch Low Frequency Driver with 4 Inch Voice Coil


P-Audio's truly outstanding E-series drivers represent excellent value for money - and we're so confident in them, we're prepared to back them up with a three year warranty for all of our UK mainland sales. With 800W of continuous power handling and a lower threshold of 50Hz, the E-15LF is ideal for compact kick subs for live sound applications.

If you're looking for something with a little more low end extension, take a look at the E15-600S - and if you thought that a high-performance 18" driver that can push bass right down to 30Hz was out of your budget, then try out the E18-400S - one of the most pocket-friendly 18" professional-standard audio drivers we've ever been able to offer, with a performance that's hard to believe for the price.

The E-15LF is a high acoustic output loudspeaker designed for use in multi way sound reinforcement systems. The transducer is a 15 inch (389mm) diameter design that is intended for use as the low frequency component in two way professional system designs.

The E-15LF features a rigid stamped steel chassis coupled to a large diameter Ferrite based permanent magnetic system. The very large 4 inch (101.6mm) diameter voice coil provides excellent power handling and thermal capacity. The use of high conductivity copper conductor and high temperature adhesives ensure long term reliability. The combination of this very large voice coil and large magnet structure ensure high efficiency in the rated operating bandwidth. The E-15LF is rated for use between 50Hz and 1500Hz and will provide excellent low frequency impact and mid band clarity in this frequency range. Because of its high mid band efficiency, the E-15LF should be used in two way system designs where the high frequency response is provided by a professional level compression driver and horn combination.

General Specifications


  • Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm
  • Power 800 Watt (rms)
  • SPL 1W@1M average sensitivity 96 dB
  • Frequency Response 50Hz - 1500Hz
  • Dimension Dia x H (cm) 38.9 x 16.2
  • Net Weight 9.9 kg (21.8 lbs)
  • Shipping Weight 11.5 kg (25.3 lbs)
  • Packing Dimension H x W x D (cm) 42.5 x 42.5 x 20.5 (1.3cu.ft) 16.7" x 16.7" x 8.1"


Physical Specifications


  • Magnet type Ferrite
  • Voice Coil Diameter 101.6 mm (4 inch)


Thiele/small Parameters


  • Resonance Frequency Fs 50 Hz
  • DC. Resistance Re 6.1 Ohm
  • Coil Inductance Le 0.838 mH
  • Mechanical Q Factor Qms 5.29
  • Electrical Q Factor Qes 0.45
  • Total Q Factor Qts 0.42
  • BL Product BL 21.75 Tm
  • Effective Moving Mass Mms 111.59 g
  • Equivalent Cas Air-Load Vas 92.17 Liters
  • Effective Piston Area Sd 0.0850 Sqm
  • Half-Space Efficiency Eff 2.56 %
  • Airgap Height Hag 8.0 mm
  • Voice Coil Height Hvc 20.0 mm
  • Voice Coil Overhang Xmax 6.0 mm

Anwendung: Subwoofer
Größe: 15 Zoll
Impedanz: 8 Ohm
Versandgewicht: 11,51 kg

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