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The SMPS400 Power Supply is a 400W high efficiency switch mode power supply specially designed to be used in combination with our range of UcD? amplifier modules. This model is made for the UcD180 modules. Also available for the UcD400.

Attention: order cableset and spacers seperate!


- Supply for single or multiple amplifiers of the UcD? range
- Active loudspeakers

- High efficiency
- Selectable input voltage range
- Extremely small form factor
- Low EMI

- Advanced over current protection
- Remote controlled operation
- Low weight
- Compact
Fits in 1HE (additional insulation required)
- Fixed output voltage (3 versions available)

- High Line Input Voltage: 190-250Vac
- Low Line Input Voltage: 95-130Vac
- Output Voltage: 2x46Vdc
- Max. Output power: 600W
- Max. Output power: 400W @20Hz
- Switching Frequency: 100kHz

- Weight: 300g
- Dimensions: 105mm x 100mm x 42(37)mm

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