B&C 15 DS 115 8 Ohm

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3200 W continuous program power capacity 116 mm (4.5 in) four layer aluminum voice coil 35 - 1000 Hz response 97 dB sensitivity 60 mm peak-to-peak excursion before damage Neodymium magnet allows a very high forcefactor and linear excursion Double silicone spider with optimizedcompliance Ventilated voice coil gap for reduced powercompression Aluminium demodulating ring for very lowdistortion Description This next evolution subwoofer uses a new, longer, four layer aluminum voice coil. The result is more energy in the gap, higher sensitivity, lower distortion and better overall performance. The 15DS115 features a 40mm long, 4.5 inch diameter (116mm) Copper Clad Aluminum Wire voice coil. With a 1600watt AES power rating, 97 dB sensitivity, and over 14 mm of Xvar, this high energy subwoofer is a significant step forward from similar models in the B& C range. Specifications Nominal Diameter380 mm (15.0 in) Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm Minimum Impedance 7.2 Ohm Nominal Power Handling 11600 W Continuous Power Handling 23200 W Sensitivity 397.0 dB Frequency Range 35 - 1000 Hz Voice Coil Diameter 116 mm (4.5 in) Winding Material Aluminium Former Material Glass Fibre Winding Depth 40.0 mm (1.57 in) Magnetic Gap Depth 14.0 mm (0.55 in) Flux Density 0.8 T Design Surround Shape Triple Roll Cone Shape Radial Magnet Material Neodymium Inside Slug Spider Double Silicone Pole Design T-Pole Woofer Cone Treatment TWP Waterproof Both Sides Recommended Enclosure 80.0 dm3 (2.83 ft3) Recommended Tuning 40 Hz Parameters4 Resonance Frequency 33 Hz Re 4.9 O Qes 0.18 Qms 5.2 Qts 0.17 Vas 94.0 dm3 (3.32 ft3) Sd 855.0 cm2 (132.53 in2) ?0 1.9 % Xmax 16.5 mm Xvar 14.0 mm Mms 254.0 g Bl 38.7 Txm Le 4.5 mH EBP 183 Hz Mounting And Shipping Info Overall Diameter 393 mm (15.47 in) Bolt Circle Diameter 375 mm (14.76 in) Baffle Cutout Diameter 354.0 mm (13.94 in) Depth 199 mm (7.83 in) Flange and Gasket Thickness 15 mm (0.59 in) Air Volume Occupied by Driver 7.0 dm3 (0.25 ft3) Net Weight 11.6 kg (25.57 lb) Shipping Units 1 Shipping Weight 12.9 kg (28.44 lb) Shipping Box 425x425x224 mm (16.73x16.73x8.82 in)

Anwendung: Subwoofer
Größe: 15 Zoll
Impedanz: 8 Ohm
Magnet: Ferrit

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