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AS2.100  230Vac
The AS2.100 is a plate amp for use in powered speaker systems. Being an active speaker controller, the AS2.100 forms the basis of, for instance, a powerful active two-way monitor. In stereo mode one AS2.100 will power an active master / passive slave pair. The AS2.100 Digital is a AS2.100 including the optional digital add-on board.


- Fully controlled by PC software (included)
- Cross-over settings fully customisable (real-time)
- UcD180LP OEM (2x) powered
- Stereo analogue input
- Infrared remote control (optional)
- Automatic input scanning
- compact design
- Fully user customised filtering
- Button panel controlled
- Remote controlled
- Filtered sub out
- Link connection master / slave (only with two modules)
- Low signal to noise (-100dB)


When one module is used:
- Stereo passive filtered system
- Bridged mode for single subwoofer (max 140Watt @ 8 Ohms)
- Mono/mid 2-way setup (tweeter + sub)

When two modules are used:
- 2-way active filtered stereo system
- 2 channel system, both modules in bridge mode for more power
- 3-way active filtered in combination with an active subwoofer (filtered sub out on AS2.100)

Supply voltage: 230Volt AC/50Hz +/-10%
Output power LS1: 100W @ 4Ohms
Output power LS2: 100W @ 4Ohms

Dimensions: 115mm x 200mm x 60mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 1.6Kg

Versandgewicht: 2,00 kg

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